Life lately

Life lately has been a bit more hectic than usual as we’ve all been taking turns falling sick. Which means we’ve been home bound for most of the days. One of the few upsides of all this self imposed confinement is that the kids have really started to bond. They pretty much love playing with each other or next to each other which is really sweet to see!

I’ve haven’t had as much time to do my crafting as previously as wiping up runny noses, including your own does take up a lot of energy.But I did manage to finally knit finish a sweater for Bugs last week!


My Abate sweater (that’s the name of the pattern by Alicia Plummer) took two slow, long months in the making! Bugs loves this sweater, it’s in her favourite blue colour and we’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of it ever since, which is really great since the days are still quite cold.


I think that we’ll be able to save this piece of hand knit for Boo when he’s older. Just like how the kanako pants that I knitted for Bugs a few years back when she was a baby now fits Boo perfectly! Unisex knits totally rocks!


I did also manage to get onto the sewing machine and sew up this adorable pair of soft toys for the kids last weekend.


Bugs had specifically requested that I’d sew up something for her similar to the Aoki doll I did for her last year. The doll fabric was what was left over from my Hello Tokyo fabric panel. So she gets the green doll (or Green Aoki as she calls it) and not to leave out baby brother, Boo gets the little orange cat!


The face says it all- a happy customer thrilled with cuddling her new soft toy!


Ah well here’s hoping for warmer weather and sunnier days so that we can all get out and enjoy more of the great outdoors ! Till later everyone!



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