Pigeon in the house

*Squeeeee*Look what arrived in the mail today! Fabric! But not just any fabric, Pigeon fabric !

If you are a fan of Mo Willems’s delightful Pigeon books like Bugs is, you’ll know which Pigeon I’m talking about! Yes that cute but slightly irritating little blue/ grey bird that’s the star of quite a few of his books! These are the ones that we have at home…wait…actually we have four, Bugs snatched one away just before I took this photo as she was very excited about the pigeon fabric in the house!


I did a bit of research and it turns out that 2013 (last year) was the 10th anniversary since the release of the first ever Pigeon book – Don’t let the Pigeon drive the bus. So that’s why there’s Pigeon fabric in existence ! But seriously, come on, look at that face, you can’t say no to a Pigeon, can you? Oh here he is with his famous bus!


Part of my Pigeon fabric bundle includes this super cute fabric panel that lets you sew up a Pigeon soft toy and a bus! Bugs was so excited about this that she kept rolling on it while I was trying to take the shot!


I have grand plans for my Pigeon fabric! I really do ! Stay tuned to find out!



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