Daddy pig


It’s Sunday night and the kids are tucked into bed, fast asleep as I write this post. Yet another ordinary Sunday? Not today as today was Father’s Day!!

Last year’s Father’s Day was a very quiet affair. I think you could possibly call it a whisper. I was pregnant with Boo then and was pretty much flat out from the morning sickness plus running after Bugs. We didn’t get up to anything memorable as far as I can remember.

So to make it up to The Dude, I thought we do something extra extra special this year! Coupled with the fact that The Dude also celebrated his birthday sometime earlier this week ( that picture above the humble homemade coffee Oreo butter cake that was his birthday cake), this thingamajig that I was planning to do had to be HUGE yes?!

Did I come up with something huge? No. I came up with these three little parcels instead.


If the wrapping paper looks a bit avant garde, I have Bugs to thank for that! She’s very into watercolour painting these days, so it was pretty handy to have the resident artist whip up a few masterpieces to wrap up our gifts in!

In one of the packages is this Daddy Pig mug! Some kids call their dads “Dada”, others say “Dad”, over at our end, it’s “Day-dee” or “Daddy Pig”! You can so tell we have a Peppa Pig fan in the house yes! So when I saw this mug at the ABC shop, I knew that it would be just perfect!


In another of the packages is this mug sweater that I’d knitted up. Yes you read that right – a sweater for the Daddy Pig mug!


With it’s cute little fuchsia gloves….


And tiny pocket, this is the perfect cosy to keep Daddy Pig’s drinks warm! This is possibly my last knit of winter 2014, I can safely say I’m done with knitting sweaters for the year !


Together with a little handmade card , these were our birthday and Father’s Day presents for Daddy Pig!


Another winter and Father’s Day has come and gone, time to look forward to sunny and warm days now! Have a great day everyone!



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