Caterpillar pesto

The Dude and Bugs were busy making pesto one recent weekend. It’s kind of their regular father- daughter thing now, preparing a simple meal together.

They were hard at work plucking the leaves off the basil plant when suddenly I heard this little squeal and giggle and then I was summoned to the table. “Look what Bugs found !” The Dude grinned at me, pointing to a little basil leaf on the table.

“It’s a very hungry caterpillar Mommy”


“Good thing you found it before we threw everything in the blender Bugs!” I exclaimed, patting my brave firstborn on the head, “Now what shall we do with it? Shall we bring it outdoors and let it find it’s way home?”

So we stopped making pesto for a brief moment. The Dude carried our little green visitor to the grass (I was busy taking photos plus I’m a bit squirmish over insects) and Bugs followed close behind.


“Say bye bye to the caterpillar now”


“Bye bye very hungry caterpillar! See you later !”


Hmmmm I’m not sure if caterpillar will hang around for long, maybe it’ll come back to visit after it becomes a butterfly !


At least I know for sure that this batch of basil pesto is caterpillar free for sure!


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