The letter P

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter P! What do I mean by that? Well it was a glorious sunny day today, which gave us the perfect opportunity to engage in a spot of planting!


Now I know our gardening record is not pretty. In fact it’s quite embarrassing (yes it’s true we killed cactus). But Bugs has been very interested in plants lately. I think DirtGirlWorld has something to do with it. So she’s been bugging us to do planting for quite a few months now. The Dude and I finally caved in today. After all, we are just talking about some simple plants yes? How impossible can it be?

Anyway we made our maiden trip to Bunnings and got ourselves a selection of seed packets (it’s herbs for a start – think of all the potential savings here if this is goes well) and pots/spades/fertiliser to start our brand new gardening journey.


We got the princess a pink elephant watering can…..


And a pair of kiddy gardening gloves too which she was quite happy about.


In fact she was very happy standing like so with her new gloves observing everything…


Like watching The Dude desperately digging up some soil because we realised that we had forgotten to buy potting mix and needed something to mix with that preposterously big bag of fertiliser that we got- such amateurs we are!


Apparently gardening is quite thirsty work! Luckily we had some oranges in the fridge to make juice out of! Or “pressing ” as the little one calls it!


The perfect thirst quencher for a scorcher of a day like today!


Oh I hope we are more successful this round ! Pray for us and the plants, won’t you, pretty please?


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