On the move

Ohhhhh! How time flies! My little bundle a.k.a Boo, is no longer a little bundle anymore (he’s still pretty adorable though which is good)! That’s because today Boo started crawling officially!


The Dude and I kind of knew that it would happen pretty soon. The little guy has been trying his bestest over the last month or so to do it. First it started with a weird worm like shuffle. Then it morphed into a somewhat frustrating (for him) leopard crawl. You could almost hear him screaming “I can’t understand why I’m moving so slowly” when he was in that phase. Finally, after a lot of determination and a leap of faith, today we have full on crawling from the little boy!


I think he’s quite happy about mastering this big new skill! There’s a lot less frustrated crying and a lot more quiet, stealth-like movements going on now. Like how he managed to swiftly (well that’s the fastest I’ve seen him move in all of his 9 months) crawl to look for The Dude and Bugs in the bathroom, all in a matter of seconds! That’s him at the entrance of the bathroom. I had to stop taking photos so that I could catch him from taking a step further! Bathrooms are simply too dangerous for curious little bodies!


Looks like we have a little ninja on our hands! Oh things are going to get even more interesting around here, I can so feel it!


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