Romance was born

So it’s been quite a while since the kids visited the NGV. The last time we were there Boo had not even started rolling.
Well seems like there’s a new kids exhibition in town! All the more reason to go visit especially if the weather is nice and sunny!

The first thing that greets you is Carsten Höller’s stunning golden mirror carousel as you enter the Gallery. Of course we had to have a ride (or two) on it! The carousel moves quite slowly which is great as it doesn’t make it as scary as those fun fair ones.


After quite a few slow turns on the carousel, our next pit stop was to the brand new kids exhibition by the Romance was born fashion people.


There, Bugs tried her hand at designing a snazzy necklace (googly eyes are the next big thing in fashion I tell you).


But what really entranced the kids was this interactive floor installation of a lake in one of the rooms. As you step on the “water”, images of ripples form and you can even try to catch the sea creatures or floating objects! Boo was absolutely thrilled with this – here he is busy trying to crawl after a yellow lily pad, pretty funny to see!


While Boo had his mid afternoon snooze, Bugs and I took the chance to visit the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Never too young to introduce them to the world of fashion I say!


It was quite amazing to see the detail of some of the clothes and costumes that had been flown in for the exhibition. Really makes you think how much craftsmanship and work goes into creating a piece of designer clothes. This intricately beaded gown took a few hundred hours to complete!


There was a mini runway show as well as part of the installation and we were of course given front row seats!


I asked Bugs which was her favourite outfit amongst all that was displayed. She picked out this purple spider inspired number which JPG had made for Kylie Minogue on one of her world tours. The girl’s definitely got taste!


We had to visit the sculpture garden before we ended our trip to the Gallery. There was another cool exhibition going on outdoors involving mists and scent which was lots of fun running in and out of!


The kids are totally knackered now and snoring in bed after a fun filled sensory exploding day! I’ll end off with one of my favourite images of the day! Thanks for reading!


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