Baby brother

If you’ve been following the blog for quite a while now, you probably know a lot about Bugs and her little antics (after all the blog is practically named after her). But not very much about Boo.Well he’s only been with us for ten months now! Let’s make it even, let’s dedicate this post to our precious little Boo, or baby brother as Bugs calls him.

Life for Boo has been quite interesting ever since he’s been a lot more mobile. For once now, he can finally chase after the ball that always bounces away whenever he tries to grab it….


Finally he can pull himself up using various household items as a support like the vacuum cleaner, it’s his favourite toy of the moment…


A very useful skill when you just dying to find out what big sister is drawing….


The littlest kid even has a little hideout. No kidding. He’s claimed the family IKEA tent as his special hiding place.


The little squirrel has a few of his favourite items stashed away in the tent – a couple of feeding spoons and a brown market bag which I’d been searching around for ages till I realised that it had become one of his latest toys.


Now at least if things go missing around the house, I know where to look! Cheeky little Boo!



2 thoughts on “Baby brother

  1. I love the photo of the the two of them at the table! I remember when Lucas started moving about and then walking and he just had to be with Sofia and do everything she was doing, so heartwarming seeing that sort of love between siblings 🙂

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