Panda babies

Now that Boo is a little older (he’s still a baby ok) and thinks The Dude is kind of entertaining, I’ve managed to jump back onto the sewing bandwagon the past few weekends.

Which is great because recently I’ve been a bit obsessed with dressing up the kids in matching clothes. Like those green/line harem shorts in the picture below -the first ever pair I’ve made for them *Grin*!

So today, I finally got the chance to complete something I’d been working on the last couple of weekends. Here it is- coordinated tees and shorts sets for my little panda babies!


The Lillestoff panda fabric with it’s cute little panda bear printed all over a blue background is an obviously very boyish kind of print. So it was kind of difficult deciding how it could be used to make something for Bugs. In the end I decided on a versatile black and white tee and panda printed pants. Oh here she is trying on my shoes, kind of the only way I could get her to stand still for a second!


Boo’s tee is a little different from his big sister’s, with panda print on the sleeves and back but a stripey black and white front. I know it looks like a perfect fit in the picture but in reality, the little boy is a chunky monkey, think he’s going to outgrow it pretty soon!


I’m pretty happy with the results, the kids look very cute wearing (almost) matching outfits, wonder how long they’ll let me get away with it!



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