Spring makes

It’s nearly the end of November which means that Spring 2014 is almost drawing to an end.

We’ve gone on a few picnics…

Picked a few berries and cherries (that’s half of what we picked from our recent session!)….

Baked quite a few things, including these shortbreads that Bugs iced in her favourite colours, recipe by Angelina Ballerina by the way….


And eaten a lot of ice cream along the way!


I’ve had the opportunity to slowly get the odd bit of time here and there to do some crafting. Like this cute little felt flower brooch that I sewed up for Bugs on a whim on a recent weekday. I’m addicted to making these now, Bugs’s been bugging me for a rainbow one, better get started on that soon!


The weather is getting hotter, our little tomato plant is started to fruit – can you see the tiny green tomatoes in this picture? The last I counted there were eight of them forming – how exciting!


I’m looking forward to longer days and balmy nights! Not too long now I think!


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