The house that The Dude built

This is the house that The Dude built….specifically a cardboard cubby house!
Pretty impressive cardboard wonder huh?! Can you believe this was built in a couple of hours ? That’s how the little house looks like from the back – an open doorway for easy entry and exit.

I’d been itching to do something with the piles of cardboard boxes that we had leftover from our recent move (yes! We’ve moved now to a house, a long story for another day). The Dude and I had always talked about building maybe a kitchen or some structure out of them for the kids. For some reason today, we decided to finally work on one of our many grand ideas and build a cubby house!

For something as crazy and cardboard-y as this, of course we got our trusty Makedo kit involved! That’s The Dude using the special saw to make a window.

The roof was probably the trickiest bit of the whole structure and took quite a bit of brain power. I had to remind The Dude multiple items that Science was not my strongest suit back in the day. To which he finally replied “It’s ok, let’s use the Makedo hinge to make it work” and by golly gosh, the man was spot on! That’s a pretty cool (and stable) cardboard roof methinks!

Needless to say, The kids are over the moon about their new pad! Bugs thinks it’s a gingerbread house while Boo, well, let’s just say he’s started moving some of his favourite spoons into the new house the last I’ve checked!

Of course, the resident cardboard dog, Chorizo, is equally ecstatic about the new addition! He’s been spotted hovering around the house enthusiastically all evening!

It’s good times when everyone in the house (cardboard dog included) is happy! I think this has inspired The Dude for more cardboard projects, he’s talking about building a city (!!) now, guess we all have to stay tuned to find out what happens next!


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