Wiggly party

The day is finally here ! After (im)patiently waiting many months and many many moons, today is the day of our long awaited Wiggles concert! Our very first ever!


Bugs was extremely excited about the event. She had been going on all week about going to see Lachy (most favourite Wiggle next to Dorothy -personally I like the octopus but I digress ). She was so excited that she wanted to wear her Emma Wiggle headband instead of her hat in the blazing sun , not SunSmart I know. She was even excited enough to climb up the long flight of stairs up to the concert hall.


The Dude and I were just as excited! I mean, I can’t even remember the last time I went to a concert…oh wait… It was an M.C. Hammer one… Hey don’t judge me, he was cool back then ok. Well anyway, if there was any inkling that we would be totally bored at the concert, it all disappeared away the moment we went into the arena and saw this amazing set! *Psssst…can you see the big red car there?! Squeal!*


Of course when the Fab Four came on stage the crowd went wild ! You can kind of see them from the picture below.


This was one of my favourite parts of the concert -when the Wiggles sang “Twinkle twinkle little star” and the concert hall was pitch black except for the flashing torches and lit up mobile phones. Kind of like a Journey concert but safer without the lighters but just as magical in every sense!


It was kind of sad when the concert was over and we had to leave. Where did the time go? Did an hour fly past just like that? But wow what an experience this was! Have you ever been to a concert where you knew the words and actions to every song? *Romp bomp a stomp* This was lots of fun, I am pretty sure we’ll be back again next year!



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