Flight of the bumblebee

I made a quilt!! In a day! It’s true! I really did! Here’s how it looks like from the front- a series of 11 inch squares that I’ve spent the whole morning cutting and piecing together!


I’ve used Saffron Craig’s Bees Pls fabric range for the whole quilt (hard to say no to such a cute design that’s on sale at Spotlight at the moment!). Here’s what the back looks like.


I did made a wee mistake while sewing the quilt front, placing two yellow blocks next to each other but between you and me, I don’t think the big kid actually minds! She’s really stoked that the “Bee bee blanket” that she’s been asking for ever since I bought the fabric has finally materialised!


It’s not a truly traditional quilt as it doesn’t have a quilt binding all around the border. I kind of got a bit lazy/ impatient halfway through making it and thought I’ll just do it my usual easy way. Which means it is probably not as pretty as it could have been. But it also means that the kids get to use it starting tonight, which is very very exciting to me!


Well it’s bee-n really nice chatting to you, time for me to buzz off now and catch some Zzzs!

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