Sun, sand and sea

Well it’s that time of the year again! The time when cute little bunnies start handing out delicious morsels of egg shaped chocolate to random strangers ….. Easter long weekend for us and our annual holiday time !

Yes! I am blogging from the Mornington Peninsula! Such a creature of habit I am! Since I’ve been doing this on our Peninsula visits over the last few years, this year is no different, except that it’s a bit more special since it’s Boo’s very first trip here!

After a somewhat long car ride, we took the kids to the nearby beach to stretch out their legs. The kids were really excited about walking barefoot in the sand! Bugs could not wait to dip her feet in the water, this is her gingerly walking in!


Ooooh! This water is cold! 


Naturally Boo wanted to join in the fun as well! He was absolutely thrilled to bits when the water lapped up to his feet and giggled non stop when it happened!


  I’m looking forward to the next few days filled with plenty of beach walks and sight seeing and lots of this too hopefully…..


I’ve ambitiously promised Bugs that I’ll knit her a scarf by the end of the trip . Fingers crossed I can make it happen! In the meantime it’s sweet sun kissed dreams for everyone as we rest our heads for the night!


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