Day two

It’s day two of our Peninsula getaway and it’s off to visit Cape Schanck bright and early in the morning! Visiting the “ocean” was Bugs’s specific request.We did offer a tempting alternative of checking out Australian animals but I think she was quite taken with her beach walk yesterday so anything sea/ water related seems to rock her boat for the moment.

The Dude and I decided to do the boardwalk. Each of us carried a kid while we made our way all the way down. This is us at the start before the descent.


The views were breathtaking. Boo let out a tiny gasp when he first laid eyes on the ocean, the same ” this is so awesome” gasp when he saw ten little balls bouncing at the same time during song time at Playgroup last term. 



That trek, especially walking up the boardwalk, did make us all absolutely ravenous so it was off to a quiet picnic spot for some food and bubble blowing !


And since the weather was great when we got back, a trip to the beach was a definite must to end the day!


On a seperate note, the knitting is going great, I’ve started on a second colour (chosen by Bugs of course) as you can see. Hopefully I can keep this going, anyway it’s time for me to rest now after a crazy fun day!



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