Taking it slow 

The holiday is going great. The kids are having a ball of a time exploring new places and taking in new experiences. They are even more worn out than usual at the end of the day that it doesn’t really take much to persuade them to go to bed, something that The Dude and I are pleasantly surprised about!

Besides the obvious family bonding time, the break has given us a real chance to take it a little slower from our usual frantic routine of work/ appointments/ school. We’ve been visiting a lot of gardens and scenic sites lately so it’s been quite refreshing to have the opportunity to relax and take in the views. Not sure how it works but it does always leaves one feeling a lot more invigorated!

A few more days to go before it’s back to life as usual for us. I’ll post an update on the scarf soon too. I’ll end off with this intoxicating picture of some tall poplar trees we visited today!


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