On the food trail

After quite a few days of gorgeous sunny weather, we woke up this morning to this…..


Well this is Melbourne after all and the dreary weather finally made a come back today. So we did what we did best and went on a food trail to eat the grey skies away!

Our moods definitely lifted when we saw this being served to our table at one of our pit stops- the strawberry farm.


“Whoah!” was what The Dude exclaimed loudly before tucking into the sundae. It was everything you could wish for in a dessert- sweet, tart, luscious and in an extremely generous portion! We were all in strawberry heaven after finishing it!

We also just had to get this cute little treat when we saw it at the counter – a strawberry shaped macaron!


Bugs absolutely loved it and I felt a bit guilty that she was eating so much sugar before lunchtime , but hey it’s our holiday and I’ll eat macarons if I want to !


Shortly after our strawberry adventure it was off to lunch. Sadly though I kind of forgot to take any photos of our yummy lunch except for this shot of the delicious carrot cake. In any case we were very happy  and stuffed with so much food and sugar that a rainy day didn’t seem that gloomy anymore!


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