The start of something new

The holiday has come and gone in a flash…well make that a seven day flash. It was a really good one this time round, with new experiences for everyone all round. There was always something new to see….


To savour (give me lavender ice cream any day!)….


And to experience! Actually I think visiting the beach and walking along the coast, with the cool clear water lapping at our feet was everyone’s highlight of the trip!


One of my favourite trip highlights was finding a beautiful and inspirational fabric shop just near where we lived! What are the chances of finding fabric in the sleepy seaside town of Mornington?! Of course I had to erm …bring a few souvenirs back !


Remember that scarf that I started on at the start of the trip? Here’s how it looks like…


It’s not quite finished as you can see but it’s been helpful in getting me back into the knitting groove. Plus Bugs gets a real kick out of seeing it grow and in choosing what the next colour will be! I’m pretty motivated to finish this off so she can wear this to school and show this to her classmates!

Now that we are all well rested and recharged, it’s time for us to look forward to new beginnings, maybe after a good nights rest! Bye from us for now!


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