Blast off!

It’s the Sunday before we get back into the daily grind and we were invited to a special event – a Rocket themed birthday party. Only that this was not only a coming of age celebration but also a farewell for friends we were quite fond of.

Bugs got up bright and early and made a card for the birthday boy right after breakfast. She’s quite into drawing people’s faces now so I put her creative juices to work and this was what she came up with. That big round purple circle is the birthday boy, while the other coloured ones are the other members of his family.


I spent the night earlier making this simple quilted coaster to give as a special going away present. The fabrics are Bonnie and Camille’s Happy Go Lucky range, which is quite an apt title I guess for the occasion. Piecing this little quilted gem together was a whole lot of fun, did I mention that this was one hundred percent my very own pattern ?! My home economics teacher would be so proud. It was quite a thrill making it up as I went along, I think I might attempt more pattern making soon!


Here’s how the back of the coaster looks like – pretty in pink using Riley Blake’s bake sale fabric. 


The party was a real blast (pun intended)! There was yummy rocket cake with sparklers for special effects and lots of giggles and bubbles.


When it came time to go home, it felt a little sad knowing that it might be some time before we could all meet up again. I think Bugs kind of understood a teeny bit about what was going on for she was a little upset on the drive home and only the promise of ice cream (big scoop) would make her smile again.

But as someone wise once said, it’s not really goodbye, it’s till we meet again!


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