Frozen in time

Recently, Bugs has caught on to the pandemonium known as “Frozen”. I know, we are a little bit late to the party on this one but we don’t have a TV ( story for another day) so it is kind of understandable that the kids are not as up to speed on popular culture as their peers. 

But we don’t live in a bubble and all thanks to school, the little girl came home one day belting out “Let it go” non stop. Naturally a trip to the cd shop was next and it took not  long before”Let it go” became the most requested song on the house and car playlist.

The kids particularly like listening to the song and dressing up as Elsa at the same time. Yes you read that right, baby brother is in on the action too. The brand new blue bedsheets that I’d recently purchased for Bugs’s bed were pounced on the moment the kids laid eyes on them. I didn’t even have to prompt them and they knew they had to wrap it around them like a cape. This is them looking wistfully out the window in my most artistic shot.

The song starts off with a keyboard melody. Cue baby brother who happily jumped onto the Peppa Pig keyboard to try and mimic the tune…

As the song progresses, things start to heat up. There’s lots of spinning and running around to make the cape swish…


Bugs kind of figured out that the faster you run, the more dramatic the Cape swished, just like the princess!
This was a good half hour of running up and down the hall and swishing the Cape! Of course the song was on endless repeat while all these was happening !

No blue bedsheet can be safe in our house while Frozen mania is on! Elsa has left the building, till later everyone!



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