Sun, sand and sea

Well it’s that time of the year again! The time when cute little bunnies start handing out delicious morsels of egg shaped chocolate to random strangers ….. Easter long weekend for us and our annual holiday time !

Yes! I am blogging from the Mornington Peninsula! Such a creature of habit I am! Since I’ve been doing this on our Peninsula visits over the last few years, this year is no different, except that it’s a bit more special since it’s Boo’s very first trip here!

After a somewhat long car ride, we took the kids to the nearby beach to stretch out their legs. The kids were really excited about walking barefoot in the sand! Bugs could not wait to dip her feet in the water, this is her gingerly walking in!


Ooooh! This water is cold! 


Naturally Boo wanted to join in the fun as well! He was absolutely thrilled to bits when the water lapped up to his feet and giggled non stop when it happened!


  I’m looking forward to the next few days filled with plenty of beach walks and sight seeing and lots of this too hopefully…..


I’ve ambitiously promised Bugs that I’ll knit her a scarf by the end of the trip . Fingers crossed I can make it happen! In the meantime it’s sweet sun kissed dreams for everyone as we rest our heads for the night!




One of our little bundles of joy turned one today! Which one….? This one ….


It brings tears to mama’s eyes when really not too long ago, he was only a tiny little munchkin like this….


Or a slightly older one (4 months) like this….


Or this little one at 6 months who was pretty contented to spend some of his time on his tummy….


Or even this little crawler at 9ish months who was (still is) crazy about balls….


Now look at him now, a mischievous little toddler rifling through the kitchen drawers, just about to pull out all the tea towels and throw them on the floor….


A little boy standing tall and proud, just about to fling the family soccer ball at your face….


Our lives have definitely been a lot more fun and noisy ever since he arrived, I know Big sister agrees with that, see how she’s just moments away from stuffing her finger up his nose in this sweet moment captured on camera.


*Sigh* They grow up so fast, don’t they? Guess I’ll have to have more cake to remind myself of how sweet the last year has been!


Happy first birthday Boo! Thanks for a extra memorable and absolutely fantastic year! Don’t worry there’s a lot more cake for you to enjoy other than what you have in hand!


Flight of the bumblebee

I made a quilt!! In a day! It’s true! I really did! Here’s how it looks like from the front- a series of 11 inch squares that I’ve spent the whole morning cutting and piecing together!


I’ve used Saffron Craig’s Bees Pls fabric range for the whole quilt (hard to say no to such a cute design that’s on sale at Spotlight at the moment!). Here’s what the back looks like.


I did made a wee mistake while sewing the quilt front, placing two yellow blocks next to each other but between you and me, I don’t think the big kid actually minds! She’s really stoked that the “Bee bee blanket” that she’s been asking for ever since I bought the fabric has finally materialised!


It’s not a truly traditional quilt as it doesn’t have a quilt binding all around the border. I kind of got a bit lazy/ impatient halfway through making it and thought I’ll just do it my usual easy way. Which means it is probably not as pretty as it could have been. But it also means that the kids get to use it starting tonight, which is very very exciting to me!


Well it’s bee-n really nice chatting to you, time for me to buzz off now and catch some Zzzs!

Wiggly party

The day is finally here ! After (im)patiently waiting many months and many many moons, today is the day of our long awaited Wiggles concert! Our very first ever!


Bugs was extremely excited about the event. She had been going on all week about going to see Lachy (most favourite Wiggle next to Dorothy -personally I like the octopus but I digress ). She was so excited that she wanted to wear her Emma Wiggle headband instead of her hat in the blazing sun , not SunSmart I know. She was even excited enough to climb up the long flight of stairs up to the concert hall.


The Dude and I were just as excited! I mean, I can’t even remember the last time I went to a concert…oh wait… It was an M.C. Hammer one… Hey don’t judge me, he was cool back then ok. Well anyway, if there was any inkling that we would be totally bored at the concert, it all disappeared away the moment we went into the arena and saw this amazing set! *Psssst…can you see the big red car there?! Squeal!*


Of course when the Fab Four came on stage the crowd went wild ! You can kind of see them from the picture below.


This was one of my favourite parts of the concert -when the Wiggles sang “Twinkle twinkle little star” and the concert hall was pitch black except for the flashing torches and lit up mobile phones. Kind of like a Journey concert but safer without the lighters but just as magical in every sense!


It was kind of sad when the concert was over and we had to leave. Where did the time go? Did an hour fly past just like that? But wow what an experience this was! Have you ever been to a concert where you knew the words and actions to every song? *Romp bomp a stomp* This was lots of fun, I am pretty sure we’ll be back again next year!


The house that The Dude built

This is the house that The Dude built….specifically a cardboard cubby house!
Pretty impressive cardboard wonder huh?! Can you believe this was built in a couple of hours ? That’s how the little house looks like from the back – an open doorway for easy entry and exit.

I’d been itching to do something with the piles of cardboard boxes that we had leftover from our recent move (yes! We’ve moved now to a house, a long story for another day). The Dude and I had always talked about building maybe a kitchen or some structure out of them for the kids. For some reason today, we decided to finally work on one of our many grand ideas and build a cubby house!

For something as crazy and cardboard-y as this, of course we got our trusty Makedo kit involved! That’s The Dude using the special saw to make a window.

The roof was probably the trickiest bit of the whole structure and took quite a bit of brain power. I had to remind The Dude multiple items that Science was not my strongest suit back in the day. To which he finally replied “It’s ok, let’s use the Makedo hinge to make it work” and by golly gosh, the man was spot on! That’s a pretty cool (and stable) cardboard roof methinks!

Needless to say, The kids are over the moon about their new pad! Bugs thinks it’s a gingerbread house while Boo, well, let’s just say he’s started moving some of his favourite spoons into the new house the last I’ve checked!

Of course, the resident cardboard dog, Chorizo, is equally ecstatic about the new addition! He’s been spotted hovering around the house enthusiastically all evening!

It’s good times when everyone in the house (cardboard dog included) is happy! I think this has inspired The Dude for more cardboard projects, he’s talking about building a city (!!) now, guess we all have to stay tuned to find out what happens next!

Spring makes

It’s nearly the end of November which means that Spring 2014 is almost drawing to an end.

We’ve gone on a few picnics…

Picked a few berries and cherries (that’s half of what we picked from our recent session!)….

Baked quite a few things, including these shortbreads that Bugs iced in her favourite colours, recipe by Angelina Ballerina by the way….


And eaten a lot of ice cream along the way!


I’ve had the opportunity to slowly get the odd bit of time here and there to do some crafting. Like this cute little felt flower brooch that I sewed up for Bugs on a whim on a recent weekday. I’m addicted to making these now, Bugs’s been bugging me for a rainbow one, better get started on that soon!


The weather is getting hotter, our little tomato plant is started to fruit – can you see the tiny green tomatoes in this picture? The last I counted there were eight of them forming – how exciting!


I’m looking forward to longer days and balmy nights! Not too long now I think!


Baby brother

If you’ve been following the blog for quite a while now, you probably know a lot about Bugs and her little antics (after all the blog is practically named after her). But not very much about Boo.Well he’s only been with us for ten months now! Let’s make it even, let’s dedicate this post to our precious little Boo, or baby brother as Bugs calls him.

Life for Boo has been quite interesting ever since he’s been a lot more mobile. For once now, he can finally chase after the ball that always bounces away whenever he tries to grab it….


Finally he can pull himself up using various household items as a support like the vacuum cleaner, it’s his favourite toy of the moment…


A very useful skill when you just dying to find out what big sister is drawing….


The littlest kid even has a little hideout. No kidding. He’s claimed the family IKEA tent as his special hiding place.


The little squirrel has a few of his favourite items stashed away in the tent – a couple of feeding spoons and a brown market bag which I’d been searching around for ages till I realised that it had become one of his latest toys.


Now at least if things go missing around the house, I know where to look! Cheeky little Boo!


Panda babies

Now that Boo is a little older (he’s still a baby ok) and thinks The Dude is kind of entertaining, I’ve managed to jump back onto the sewing bandwagon the past few weekends.

Which is great because recently I’ve been a bit obsessed with dressing up the kids in matching clothes. Like those green/line harem shorts in the picture below -the first ever pair I’ve made for them *Grin*!

So today, I finally got the chance to complete something I’d been working on the last couple of weekends. Here it is- coordinated tees and shorts sets for my little panda babies!


The Lillestoff panda fabric with it’s cute little panda bear printed all over a blue background is an obviously very boyish kind of print. So it was kind of difficult deciding how it could be used to make something for Bugs. In the end I decided on a versatile black and white tee and panda printed pants. Oh here she is trying on my shoes, kind of the only way I could get her to stand still for a second!


Boo’s tee is a little different from his big sister’s, with panda print on the sleeves and back but a stripey black and white front. I know it looks like a perfect fit in the picture but in reality, the little boy is a chunky monkey, think he’s going to outgrow it pretty soon!


I’m pretty happy with the results, the kids look very cute wearing (almost) matching outfits, wonder how long they’ll let me get away with it!


Romance was born

So it’s been quite a while since the kids visited the NGV. The last time we were there Boo had not even started rolling.
Well seems like there’s a new kids exhibition in town! All the more reason to go visit especially if the weather is nice and sunny!

The first thing that greets you is Carsten Höller’s stunning golden mirror carousel as you enter the Gallery. Of course we had to have a ride (or two) on it! The carousel moves quite slowly which is great as it doesn’t make it as scary as those fun fair ones.


After quite a few slow turns on the carousel, our next pit stop was to the brand new kids exhibition by the Romance was born fashion people.


There, Bugs tried her hand at designing a snazzy necklace (googly eyes are the next big thing in fashion I tell you).


But what really entranced the kids was this interactive floor installation of a lake in one of the rooms. As you step on the “water”, images of ripples form and you can even try to catch the sea creatures or floating objects! Boo was absolutely thrilled with this – here he is busy trying to crawl after a yellow lily pad, pretty funny to see!


While Boo had his mid afternoon snooze, Bugs and I took the chance to visit the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Never too young to introduce them to the world of fashion I say!


It was quite amazing to see the detail of some of the clothes and costumes that had been flown in for the exhibition. Really makes you think how much craftsmanship and work goes into creating a piece of designer clothes. This intricately beaded gown took a few hundred hours to complete!


There was a mini runway show as well as part of the installation and we were of course given front row seats!


I asked Bugs which was her favourite outfit amongst all that was displayed. She picked out this purple spider inspired number which JPG had made for Kylie Minogue on one of her world tours. The girl’s definitely got taste!


We had to visit the sculpture garden before we ended our trip to the Gallery. There was another cool exhibition going on outdoors involving mists and scent which was lots of fun running in and out of!


The kids are totally knackered now and snoring in bed after a fun filled sensory exploding day! I’ll end off with one of my favourite images of the day! Thanks for reading!


On the move

Ohhhhh! How time flies! My little bundle a.k.a Boo, is no longer a little bundle anymore (he’s still pretty adorable though which is good)! That’s because today Boo started crawling officially!


The Dude and I kind of knew that it would happen pretty soon. The little guy has been trying his bestest over the last month or so to do it. First it started with a weird worm like shuffle. Then it morphed into a somewhat frustrating (for him) leopard crawl. You could almost hear him screaming “I can’t understand why I’m moving so slowly” when he was in that phase. Finally, after a lot of determination and a leap of faith, today we have full on crawling from the little boy!


I think he’s quite happy about mastering this big new skill! There’s a lot less frustrated crying and a lot more quiet, stealth-like movements going on now. Like how he managed to swiftly (well that’s the fastest I’ve seen him move in all of his 9 months) crawl to look for The Dude and Bugs in the bathroom, all in a matter of seconds! That’s him at the entrance of the bathroom. I had to stop taking photos so that I could catch him from taking a step further! Bathrooms are simply too dangerous for curious little bodies!


Looks like we have a little ninja on our hands! Oh things are going to get even more interesting around here, I can so feel it!