Perfectly imperfect

I’ve started a little late this year working on Christmas …..  As usual, I’ve left the important stuff to the very last minute, starting to sew the advent calendar two days before the December countdown begins! There is always an intention to get started early and avoid the panic. But somehow, things (code for the […]

Daddy pig

It’s Sunday night and the kids are tucked into bed, fast asleep as I write this post. Yet another ordinary Sunday? Not today as today was Father’s Day!! Last year’s Father’s Day was a very quiet affair. I think you could possibly call it a whisper. I was pregnant with Boo then and was pretty […]

Pigeon in the house

*Squeeeee*Look what arrived in the mail today! Fabric! But not just any fabric, Pigeon fabric ! If you are a fan of Mo Willems’s delightful Pigeon books like Bugs is, you’ll know which Pigeon I’m talking about! Yes that cute but slightly irritating little blue/ grey bird that’s the star of quite a few of […]

The week that has been

I’m getting ahead of myself here, after all, it’s only Thursday and technically there’s still a few days before the end of the week! But I just couldn’t resist sharing what we’ve been up to after flicking through the photos earlier on this evening! It’s been crazy cold lately in Melbourne . Can you tell […]