The week that has been

I’m getting ahead of myself here, after all, it’s only Thursday and technically there’s still a few days before the end of the week! But I just couldn’t resist sharing what we’ve been up to after flicking through the photos earlier on this evening! It’s been crazy cold lately in Melbourne . Can you tell […]

Juicy goodness

“They say that falling in love…. Is wonderful…. So wonderful…. So they say….” Lyrics from “They say it’s wonderful” by Irving Berlin Boo is officially six months old today! Six months ! Seriously where has the time gone, especially considering we are more than halfway into 2014 now ! Just before Boo was born, The […]

Melting moments

Life lately at our place has been all about…… Fairies….especially the blue and green kind… Baking…. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen as often as it used to in the good old days before Boo arrived. But with Bugs’s birthday just round the corner, getting one’s hands dirty with flour, butter etc. was inevitable. […]

Jammin’ it up

*Squeeee* I love that the christmas edition of the Donna Hay maagzine has finally hit the shelves! Had to get meself a copy and thumb through the inspiring pages! Look at these cute little gingerbread houses with snow capped icing roofs! Donna Hay makes it look so easy! I’ve earmarked this for a project for […]

Stamping up!

It’s fun when you get to try new things…… Like trying a new recipe for classic blueberry muffins (thanks David Herbert! This was the best muffin recipe ever- chockful of blueberries in each bite!)…… Attempting a new sewing pattern and finally succeeding after three tries …..Yippeee! This was my eureka moment of the week! A […]

Blue for Donna

It’s almost the midweek so I’d thought I’ll make us a little special dessert to get us through the day…..Ricotta and Fruit Bread and Butter Pudding! I have the latest Spring Edition of the Donna Hay magazine to thank for this sweet speedy treat! Check out how my version turned out next to the one […]