Chocolate cake

Hello! My name is Elizabeth! You may know me as Bugs. Today I am four years old! I’m going to help mommy and daddy bake my birthday cake. It’s going to be a chocolate cake! I like chocolate !

First papa melts the butter and sugar over the stove. Be careful daddy! Fire is dangerous!

I help to break the eggs into a bowl. I like to do this very much. I need to break three eggs today – one, two three!


After mama has added everything into a bowl, I help to stir it all together! This is very fun!


Mama then pours the mix into a circle cake pan and I get to lick the spoon! I think that’s the best part of baking!


While the cake is baking, I play with my baby brother….


And eat an icecream. I like chocolate very much. I like vanilla too.  



Mama puts the icing on top of the cake while I help to decorate it with pretzels. I like pretzels. They are crunchy.


I put a green fairy on top of the cake … 

And my birthday cake is all done! I’m very proud of it!


Happy birthday to me! Mmmmmmmm chocolate !




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