Perfectly imperfect

I’ve started a little late this year working on Christmas ….. 

As usual, I’ve left the important stuff to the very last minute, starting to sew the advent calendar two days before the December countdown begins! There is always an intention to get started early and avoid the panic. But somehow, things (code for the kids) start to creep up and take over your attention and the next thing you know, it’s crunch time!

So after two days of not much talking and crazy intensive sewing boot camp, our perfectly imperfect advent calendar is finally done!

I haven’t completely finished this project, I’ve still yet to sew on a sleeve so that we can properly hang it with a wooden stick and string (I’ve just used some Blu tack to stick it on the wall for the picture above). But it’s good enough to start using and slotting things into its cute little pockets. Number 17 below with the bear carrying a tower of presents is my favourite picture of the lot….

While The Dude obviously prefers anything  that has a reference to chocolate.

Because this was made in a rush, the advent calendar is not totally perfect, well at least sewing wise. Some of the pockets are a little off centre, some of them are more creased than others while some of them you can see the folds without needing to stare too hard. Even some of the stitches are different from the rest because I had a change of mind while working through the quilting halfway.

But all of that doesn’t really matter, regardless of its imperfections, big or small, it’s still the perfect advent calender for us ! I know the kids will be especially thrilled with it and will enjoy counting down to the big day!

The first pocket is filled and ready for  tomorrow (or should I say today?)! I better get some rest before the fun and games start ! See you later!

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